About Us

Black Bear Trading Company is a family owned and operated business from Birmingham, Alabama. Owner, John O'Neal began taking interest in history, archaeology, antiques, collectibles, and rocks & gems in his younger years. His passion soon became collecting, and in turn, buying, selling, and trading. A passion passed on to his sons. As the years passed, and the knowledge and collecting grew, a business was born.

We aim to keep as much of our past alive through the items from our past. Our goal is to offer these items to others who share in the same passions we do. While no one with Black Bear Trading Company hold any doctorate degree or such, we do have a wealth of knowledge and research to aid in authentication of the items we have available. No one likes a fake, and we sure don't either, so you shouldn't find any here. Some reproductions that are sought after we may have available and will be noted in the listing.

We hope you enjoy our site and the items we have to offer.